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the art table, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Section of the art table surface as it was a few days ago. Always changing, it is. Sometimes I want to somehow scrape the top layer off in one piece and save it. I suppose I should start putting paper down under what I'm working on so I can use the paper later in collages. I used to do that but stopped somewhere along the way.

Anyhoooooo, back to now... getting ready to take R. to the donation truck in The Presidio to get rid of more stuff from her apartment. The joy of de-cluttering combined with being generous and giving stuff away rather than trying to sell things = cheap high. :)

After that, I dunno - we may need coffee by then, and I think she will be going further to the east side of town to visit a friend.

We spent some of the morning cleaning, wow! Joe washed the trusty Honda Civic, and I vacuumed and dusted a bit and cleaned the bathroom (more or less, as much as possible, considering the age of most of the tile and fixtures in there).

So now we get to play for the rest of the day. And tonight, The Oscars! Which I may end up recording on the DVR so I can just zip through 90% of it later and just watch the interesting 10%.

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