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spring forward, originally uploaded by judywatt.

This is from last weekend, but this weekend is even nicer.

Happy we are springing forward! I love DST. I know some of you hate it, but bah humbug to you :)

I am not a morning person. And I like to go to the beach for walks when Joe gets home from his jobby job, and now he will get home an hour or more before sunset so it's perfect! :)

Yesterday he went to visit his parents in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I did not go with. I am done doing that trip - two hours each way, half of which is on twisting mountain roads. Going down there at least 100 times in the past 30 years since they moved there has been way more than enough for me. Long story, but anyway, I did not go with.

So I went to paint at R's for a while, and when I was about to leave, I got stuck in the art room for half an hour - the door sticks from the outside sometimes but it's easy to unstick it from outside. This time, it stuck from the INSIDE and I could not get it open no matter how hard I pulled and pried and kicked and yanked. I started to really freak out, thinking I could be stuck in there all day before she came home.

I did not have my bag in there with my phone, so I could not call her and tell her to come home and let me out (she was out with a friend). After about half an hour of trying to pull it open, I ended up having to take the hinges off to get the door open.

After all that I was pretty exhausted, so came home and ate a huge turkey sandwich. Then went out and did other errands. Joe came home around six and was also exhausted from the four hours of driving, so all we did was watch some stuff on the DVR, and that was it for the night.

Now I have to change all the clocks, but I do love DST! :)

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