Jan. 5th, 2010

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mt tam peeks through, originally uploaded by judywatt.

View of Mount Tamalpais (across the bay in Marin) from the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

Taken Sunday afternoon when we were leaving the Cartier Exhibit.

I think I want to use it as inspiration for a painting.  I do adore Mt. Tam and I love the blues.

Sunday was very nice - great show at the Legion, then lunch outside in the sun, then a walk by the bay at Crissy Field.

HOWEVER... somehow I wrenched my back out of shape on Sunday, and then last night it was way worse - very painful to try turning over in bed or getting up out of the bed. Took a lot of ibuprophen at a five a.m. and got some sleep after that.

It's a bit better today, but I am afraid to do anything involving bending or stretching or lifting... so not sure if I am going over to paint today. Maybe later.

Lots to do here on the de-cluttering and purging in progress, but I am afraid to lift anything heavier than, say, a cup of tea.

I hate it when body parts are out of order, I really do.


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