Jan. 9th, 2010

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ginkgo leaves, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Taken last week downtown. I just love ginkgo leaves.

Today is cold and cloudy and it seem like rain is coming. I made up for not sleeping for 4 nights by sleeping about 12 hours last night, so that was good.

My back is better (knocking on wood). I guess I don't have any of the things I read about on the interweb that can cause low back pain - which I almost never get, so it was freaking me out there for a few days.

I should have known better than to Google for causes though - that kind of thing only makes me think I have the worst thing listed.

Anyway today all we have done is some minor cleaning and then took Rachel to Trader Joe's (and bought $140 worth of food ourselves even though I just got a Safeway order delivered two days ago).

Now we shall go over to her flat to collect my big drippy green blue yellow painting that I think is done.

Later she may come over for homemade pizza and a scary movie (her choice). Or of she doesn't, I plan to watch Into The Wild, which I have seen before but it was on our old TV more than a year ago, and I want to see it on the Sony flat screen - much better.

So that's it for now... oh, and I decided on a house to rent for our week in Ashland in March. Wish we could stay in the one we usually stay in, but it's not available that week. This one looks great too and I got a good deal on a weekly rate, so all is well. :)


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