Jan. 21st, 2010

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Learning To Do The Impossible, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A collage from 2005 that I really like (so much that I did not sell it, but it still needs a frame). Old book spine, found text, sea glass, threads, coated with beeswax and adhered to a painted canvas board.

Back to the present... another rainy day but I don't mind. I have so much de-cluttering and re-arranging left to do here, plus I want to go over to the art room at R's and paint some more, or tear up those monoprints I made yesterday and decide how to use them on the canvases that I painted with one of the colors in the prints.

Plus I have a ton of stuff I want to scan or photograph - which is one of my most dreaded tasks. I love to take photos OUTSIDE, but really don't enjoy photographing objects indoors.

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shelves, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Pic of bookshelves from 2006. The little Virgin of Guadalupe shrine on the right was sold for about $50. It was made with a nicho I bought in San Miguel de Allende and a photo I took there. Another piece of art I should have just kept and not sold - I really liked that little shrine!

Anyway, back to the present again...I am sorting books to be moved into the DR/office, now that I moved a bookcase in there. So many books we have! I plan to sell (or give away) a lot of them before we move to Ashland though.

And last night I was looking at houses to rent or buy up there again, and it actually looks like we might possibly be able to BUY one there on only Joe's pension.

The average 3 bedroom house in SF is about 900k - but it looks like the average 3 bedroom house in Ashland is more like 350k (and I mean in the exact location I want, within walking distance to the theaters and all that).

But we shall see... there are so many factors to consider, and all sorts of things can happen in the next year.


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