Feb. 6th, 2010

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cherry blossoms, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A snap from yesterday, while walking over to R's to paint in the little tiny studio. The cherry blossoms have been blooming here on some streets for a couple of weeks now. Lots of rain and mild temps must be the reason.

Today it looks like more rain. We should probably clean the flat but I am thinking I would rather go up to the Legion and see the Cartier goodies again (less crowded this time I would hope - last time was on a holiday weekend and everything was clogged with out of towners along with many townies).  Also the painted books should be interesting.

First we must wait for the Safeway guy to arrive with food. After that, free to go. Already had Niman Ranch applewood bacon, organic scrambled eggs, and Newman's Own organic tea for brekkie. Yum. :)

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pofa3, originally uploaded by judywatt.

We never made it to the Legion, but we did make it to the Palace of Fine Arts.

First we gave Rachel a ride to Fillmore Street, then we went to East Beach for a walk along the bay - a big cruise ship was leaving at the time (so pretty to see).

We parked pretty far away from the beach away on purpose, so then walked back via the Palace. The cherry blossoms were starting to bloom there as well.

Tomorrow, maybe we'll got to SFMOMA to see the rest of the big anniversary show.

Hoping it will not be as crowded as before, since it's the day of that big football game that we don't watch - so maybe most people will be at home with their eyes glued to the TV.

All the better for us. :)


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