Feb. 14th, 2010

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picnic weather, originally uploaded by judywatt.

This is not today but today looks like this and yesterday did too - I am just too lazy to upload pics from yesterday right now. :)

We're having that week in February that we always have, when it's about 65 or 70 every day.

Yesterday we were out doing some stuff with Rachel, taking things to the donation truck in The Presidio, then going to our favorite SB at LucasFilm (w/view of the Palace of Fine Arts).

Then we all went for a walk at Crissy Field near the Warming Hut. Many picnics were in progress and kids were frolicking in the bay and all that - I will have to look at the pics later!

Today we have been pretty lazy - cleaned the flat a little, hung some paintings, and then walked down to the little market to buy avocados and beer and other snacks.

Made guacamole and ate it all. Now Joe is reading the NYT and watching some Olympics (the only sports we ever watch - we get our fill of sports every two years that way).

We have more paintings to hang... but maybe we'll just go to the beach instead.


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