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This film looks amazing.

I was pointed to it by Anado, who is on FB now and is one of the great artists we met down in San Miguel.

I'll have to see if Netflix has the DVD.
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mendo spring, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A pic from two years ago, from one of our many many visits there.

I am just getting in the mood for next weekend and I don't care if it rains or doesn't rain, as we will be in the perfect spot either way.

Today we have been pretty lazy... we walked to the drugstore with Rachel, and then we all sauntered over to Angelina's Cafe where we sat out in the sun for a while eating and drinking.

So many people out there today, it being a holiday and so warm outside.

Now we are back and doing nothing... but maybe we'll go to Baker Beach or something in a while.

The fog keeps moving in and out in a summer pattern, but it's quite warm in the sun. Teeshirt weather.

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picnic weather, originally uploaded by judywatt.

This is not today but today looks like this and yesterday did too - I am just too lazy to upload pics from yesterday right now. :)

We're having that week in February that we always have, when it's about 65 or 70 every day.

Yesterday we were out doing some stuff with Rachel, taking things to the donation truck in The Presidio, then going to our favorite SB at LucasFilm (w/view of the Palace of Fine Arts).

Then we all went for a walk at Crissy Field near the Warming Hut. Many picnics were in progress and kids were frolicking in the bay and all that - I will have to look at the pics later!

Today we have been pretty lazy - cleaned the flat a little, hung some paintings, and then walked down to the little market to buy avocados and beer and other snacks.

Made guacamole and ate it all. Now Joe is reading the NYT and watching some Olympics (the only sports we ever watch - we get our fill of sports every two years that way).

We have more paintings to hang... but maybe we'll just go to the beach instead.

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lane ends at cloud, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A snap from last weekend.

Walking under Deadly Doyle Drive to get to Crissy Field beach.

This weekend, not sure yet.


Feb. 11th, 2010 05:05 pm
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untitled, originally uploaded by judywatt.

One of the paintings I toted home today.

This one I like as is. The other one, not sure.


Feb. 11th, 2010 10:25 am
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shallots, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Just a little still life from the other day.

R. has this bowl of shallots on her kitchen table and it's been there for a long time. I think they are starting to sprout now.

I have two abstract paintings over there that I think are done now. I'll go look at them again today and see if they are ready to bring home. Each is two feet by two feet - not huge, but not tiny either.

Looks like a good weekend ahead - and Joe has Monday off, yay!

Also next Friday off, as that is when we will head up to Mendocino for two nights and three days of bliss (and lots of picture taking with my new camera).

In the meantime, where we are is just fine too. :)

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big river beach, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Went to the bank, the frame store, and bought three lotto tickets ~ I am feeling lucky. I always feel lucky, so I should say extra lucky. :)

Changed the plan for Mendocino - we are not going this weekend, but we are going on the 19th, and this time we get to stay in the village, in the Pacific Suite at Alegria, which overlooks Big River Beach, and has a path directly down to the beach.

So I am doing the happy dance.

Have not gone to the art studio to paint yet... maybe I will skip today, as I have so much other stuff to catch up on.

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mendocino, originally uploaded by judywatt.

An oldie taken at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden a few years ago. Still hoping the weather up there will be OK this weekend. If I cancel again, I guess we won't be able to go up there until April or May. May is perfect though - all the wildflowers will be blooming then, and the rhodies and such.

Back to the present... I have been productive so far already because I slept well last night! I have brightened up my hair so it's nice and shiny again, and I have made a big pot of vegetarian black bean chili, so I can share it with Rachel. If Joe wants meat in it, I can add some organic ground beef later.

Looks gorgeous outside - white puffy clouds and blue sky. Must get out there and walk some before other things distract me (like painting and housework).


Feb. 7th, 2010 07:42 pm
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sfmoma, originally uploaded by judywatt.

We went to SFMOMA today and it was great - not crowded like last time, yet there was more to see! :)

The pic is not from today though - I didn't take many pics today for some reason and the ones I did take, mostly I was not crazy about.

It was so warm today though and the sky was just that blue too. We had lunch outside at the museum cafe and it was so nice and balmy.

Then we went up to Edgewood Drive on the way home, which is near UCSF, too see if the many cherry blossom trees on that street were blooming there, and the whole street was in bloom.

Looks like rain off and on this week, but I am crossing my fingers that the weather will be OK next weekend when we ant to ge away up the coast for a few days.

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the beach in february, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A snap from our walk yesterday - so pretty out there.

A tad windy but I loooove me some cool fresh wind!

Today looks even more beautiful. Not sure if we are going downtown today, but probably yes.

First we must have some breakfast.

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pofa3, originally uploaded by judywatt.

We never made it to the Legion, but we did make it to the Palace of Fine Arts.

First we gave Rachel a ride to Fillmore Street, then we went to East Beach for a walk along the bay - a big cruise ship was leaving at the time (so pretty to see).

We parked pretty far away from the beach away on purpose, so then walked back via the Palace. The cherry blossoms were starting to bloom there as well.

Tomorrow, maybe we'll got to SFMOMA to see the rest of the big anniversary show.

Hoping it will not be as crowded as before, since it's the day of that big football game that we don't watch - so maybe most people will be at home with their eyes glued to the TV.

All the better for us. :)

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cherry blossoms, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A snap from yesterday, while walking over to R's to paint in the little tiny studio. The cherry blossoms have been blooming here on some streets for a couple of weeks now. Lots of rain and mild temps must be the reason.

Today it looks like more rain. We should probably clean the flat but I am thinking I would rather go up to the Legion and see the Cartier goodies again (less crowded this time I would hope - last time was on a holiday weekend and everything was clogged with out of towners along with many townies).  Also the painted books should be interesting.

First we must wait for the Safeway guy to arrive with food. After that, free to go. Already had Niman Ranch applewood bacon, organic scrambled eggs, and Newman's Own organic tea for brekkie. Yum. :)

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tiny abstract, originally uploaded by judywatt.

When I am working on the bigger canvases that sometimes take a couple of weeks to finish, I practice on smaller pieces of paper or little canvases like this one, which is only 4x4 inches.

I really like how it came out - I often like the little practice or "throw away" paintings better than the bigger ones for some reason.

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mossy pavement, originally uploaded by judywatt.

We don't have snow or ice here in the winter - we have mossy sidewalks and I love them. :)

Today all I did was paint a little, then walk around looking at the sky, the cherry blossoms, and the mossy pavement.

safe haven

Feb. 3rd, 2010 08:18 pm
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bulletin board, originally uploaded by judywatt.

From 2005 - the fence on Lansing Street near Main Street in Mendocino, where people staple notices and stuff.

Hope it's full of interesting things when we go up there again in ten days. :)

In the meantime, just plodding along, painting most days during the week but not getting much de-cluttering done.

It's supposed to rain this weekend though so maybe we can catch up with it more then - take more stuff to the donation truck especially.

Looking forward to starting a new book tonight - The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.  Haven't read anything by her in quite a while but this looks like a good one, and Amazon has a good price on it right now too.


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fort bragg beach, originally uploaded by judywatt.

One from 2007, Joe on the beach across from the place we usually stay when we are up the coast.

Since we didn't get to go at New Year's because the weather was so bad, I think we will go over Presidents' Day weekend, if the weather will just please cooperate.

It doesn't have to be sunny - in fact I like the clouds and fog - just hoping it is not pouring rain because that makes it hard to spend much time walking on the beaches and going to the botanical garden and so on.

Back to the present - we had a nice weekend. I forget what we did on Saturday - walked on the beach, went shopping, yada yada. Sunday we spent the afternoon with Rachel - lunch in Mill Valley, then took her to the mall in Corte Madera at her request (the only mall we can stand going to).

Monday, painted some and did chores. Today, same - painting, chores, errands (on foot of course).

Made some yummy polenta for dinner with sauteed vegetables on the side, and now we are about to watch LOST.

All is well. :)

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golden gate, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Another snap from our walk today - a cruise ship just happened to be arriving. It made we want to go on a cruise, but only one that leaves from SF, that you don't have to fly anywhere to get to the boat.

There are only a couple of cruises that actually leave from here and come back here directly, because of some ancient law about where ships have to stop within the US vs. outside the US on cruises.

So most leave from LA or San  Diego or Seattle, near the borders. It's a stupid old law that they keep talking about doing away with, but so far, apparently it's still in effect.

But there is one cruise to Alaska that leaves from SF and comes back to SF - it takes 11 days to make the round trip. That would be fine with me.

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the beach in january, originally uploaded by judywatt.

We had such pretty clouds today, and it seemed so warm out there on the beach.

That's what we did today - go for a walk along the bay and then go to Trader Joe's for food. For dinner I made roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans with pine nuts.

And that is all.

Tomorrow we're supposed to do something with Rachel, but I am not sure what just yet.


Jan. 28th, 2010 10:24 am
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RIP Howard Zinn.    A huge loss.  A People's History should be required reading in every public school, right next to the white-washed versions we all had to read growing up.

Also JD Salinger...  I read Catcher three different time in my life - once while very young, about age 12 or so, once in my 20s, and once in 40s.  Each time I had a different reaction to Holden and his story.  I should probably read it again and see what I think now. 
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Three Leaves, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Acrylic and pastel on paper, 10x8 inches, from 2005. I kept this one and really should frame it because I like it so much.

Yes, folks, most of the time I like my own art. I like my photographs too! If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right. ;-)

I paint mainly because I enjoy the process (and sometimes the results) and I make photographs mainly because I like the results (and sometimes the process).

And I've been blogging for decades because it pleases me to do so. Everything prior to about 2002 was deleted a long time ago, but anyway, whatever.

So what do y'all do for fun and/or profit?


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