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this week's daytimer
scanned as usual
for no particular reason


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A Collage A Day

I love these little 4x4 collages he's doing. I want to do another series something like this, not sure what exactly though.

I did those weekly '52 Trips' paintings that one year and sold most of those, and then did the '52 Pickups' and sold most of those.

But I want to a one a day type of thing and smaller items, something like his collages I guess, just to get my non-digital art back in gear again mostly.

As soon as I get the art space set up in here, I will do that. I just moved it all into this room and most of it is still in boxes and has to be sorted out.

But soon!

I've also been watching these Postcard Paintings for a long time - he's great too.
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weekly moleskine calendar, originally uploaded by judywatt.

just the usual daytimer thing
that i have been scanning each week.

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weekly moleskine calendar, originally uploaded by judywatt.

just the moleskine daytimer thingy for last week.

art sale

Jan. 24th, 2007 06:43 pm
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bobbi finally has an etsy shop
and no, she didn't ask me to pimp it
but i just like her stuff so i will anyway.

i would buy something too
but i already own one of her forsythia collages
and one of her NOLA door prints
and it's the end of the month
so the checking account is low.

but if yours isn't, go for it!

all my etsy listings expired i guess.
i should list more stuff there
but then
i should do a lot of things.

especially list more art
and get rid of more books and cd's too.

and upload more pics to istock.

and so on.

but first...  clean up the art space.
that would be good.
a space to actually paint again
would be great.

even a little tiny corner of one room.


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sun graphic, originally uploaded by judywatt.

lately my favorite art supplies are
sharpies and hi-lighter pens.

i guess because my "art space" is such a mess
that i don't sit there anymore
but my sharpies and hi-lighters
are always right in front of me
here on my computer desk.

i really have to fix the situation
with my supposed real art space though.

i think that's why i am not painting these days -
the mess is too overwhelming and i have no storage space.

time to throw out all kinds of stuff i guess.

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will rogers, originally uploaded by judywatt.

this one is from coit tower. i know i have tons more from coit tower but i can't find them on my HD! maybe i backed them up on a DVD. will have to look for them.

i uploaded some more from the beach chalet though and made a set for them, for anyone who likes looking at them.

they are here

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beach chalet mural, originally uploaded by judywatt.

this little section always makes me smile - the twins with the little holsters.

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beach chalet mural, originally uploaded by judywatt.

another detail from the beach chalet WPA murals.

i have taken zillions there over the years because it's in my corner of SF, but for some reason the few i took yesterday had such good light (late afternoon).


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beach chalet mural, originally uploaded by judywatt.

the murals at the beach chalet are so nostalgic.

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a spy in the house of art, originally uploaded by judywatt.

me looking down into the de young museum.

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explaining art, originally uploaded by judywatt.

one of my fave pics from today - a mother explaining to her toddler what a scuplture is and why she isn't allowed to climb on it.


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