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point reyes, originally uploaded by judywatt.

we are getting ready to leave for the day
but here is a quick pic from yesterday at point reyes.

i heart california. 

especially the empty parts by the ocean

of which there are so many in the northern half.

i heart the mountains and the desert too.

most of california is still very undeveloped

and i hope it always will be.

and i think anyone who does not heart california

has not really been here

or else they must have no heart.

and of course i triple heart san francisco...
as far as cities go, it's a heart throb for sure.

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ggb reflection, originally uploaded by judywatt.

when joe came home from work
we went for a walk on the beach.

cold and clear
just the way i like it.

after that, we took rachel to trader joe's
which was sooooo crowded.

tomorrow we go up north for one night.

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Fort Bragg, CA
fort bragg in the winter

so we can't get away until sunday morning
but that's fine, better than not at all
and then we'll come back monday night -
at least he does NOT have to work on monday
which is MLK day.

and one of the best parts is that when i am up there
i am away from this computer
and i don't miss it.

all i do for the most part
is walk and walk and walk
and take pictures
and look at art in the galleries
and then walk on the beach some more.

and i will make joe swear
that he will not think or talk about his job
at all for two whole days.

it will still be there on tuesday
and he can think about it then.
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new year's day, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Did I already blog this one last week?

Senior moments abound. :)

Anyway I think it's my favorite one that I took on New Year's Day.

I love taking pics of children who seem unfazed by the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay.


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