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woohoo, rachel called me just now
and said she was offerred the job at the parks trust!

so in three weeks she will be out out of that bad situation
at the academy of sciences at long last,
since the last couple years have been hell there
even though the first few were great (long story).

so she gets to give them notice on her birthday monday, yay!

and in case i forget to run this on monday in honor of her 36th birthday
i should link to rachel's dove commerical video now
before i forget.

she made it or them about 3 or 4 years ago
and it ran on tv for a long time
but  anyway she looks about the same now
as she did back then.

on the inside though
she's much more mature now
life being what it is.

anyway, skip it if you've already seen it
or are not interested.

i only link to it on her birthday
because it's the only video i have of her!

i should make videos with my little canon pocketcam
but i never remember it can do that.

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Waving to Martin, who rarely posts anymore, but we wish he would! ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ Happy Birthday, MB.

Hope you are well, and hope to see you around a bit more this year.

Have a most Tip Top Birthday!

tip top lounge

We will be up there in FB tomorrow, for just one night. :)


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