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May. 18th, 2007 11:49 am
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i just went wild and ordered THE CAMERA
since they lowered the price on amazon twice in the past few days.

crossing fingers that i will like it.

we have a car for next weekend so i can test it out
in various locations for a few days then.

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i think maybe i really do want this camera
and not a canon or nikon DSLR
which i think would be too heavy
when you taken into account the lenses.

since i mainly shoot at 100 or 200  ISO all the time
i don't think the noise issues that some people have
when they shoot above 400
would really affect me that much.

and i like that this one has a focus ring
and 12x optical zoom
and a lens that you can attach filters to directly
and an LCD that you can shoot through as well as a VF.

i keep waffling back and forth
but this camera seems a lot like my oly c8080 was in some ways,
but of course more evolved than that one was at the time
and it's probably smaller and lighter while being a lot more powerful.

anyway just talking to myself about cameras (again).


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