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I am assuming we won like, 100 million dollars ....

I'd do the cruise around the world first for three months, then come back and do good deeds and all that.   

As I was doing the good deeds for others, I'd also be buying for myself (and Joe) a 150 year old cottage in Mendocino, a 400 year old canal house in Amsterdam, a 150 year old Victorian in SF, a 400 year old house near the Jardin in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and a Craftsman cottage in Ashland, Oregon near the theaters.  Maybe a house in Taos too... six places would be a good number, so we could spend two months a year in each place.  

Doing good deeds all the while of course and being a very generous patron of the arts. :)

We could also buy Rachel a place to start her own animal shelter... I know she would love that.  A place out in the country near our Mendocino or Ashland houses perhaps, where she could have horses and dogs and cats and any other animals she wanted.

A girl can dream anyway.

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[personal profile] tofarawayplaces asked what we would do if we were suddenly independently wealthy - where would we live and what would we be doing?

I said I'd live right here in SF and maybe have a casita in SMA for the winters. I might buy the blue cottage or something similar for the springs in Mendocino. :)

I'd do mostly the same things I do now, just more of them, and in a nicer, bigger abode, with room for a studio and a couple of guest rooms for the people who always want to visit SF.

I would not do housework.  I would pay someone else to do all the cleaning and cooking and shopping for food.

Then I started thinking about what would I do, specific things I would do, if say, I won the lottery tomorrow. I think it's good to visualize and have a plan for such things! :)

1. Joe files retirement papers at work and leaves his job that very day.

2. We move to a temporary furnished condo immediately - one with a fantastic view of SF Bay, lots of light, and 21st century wiring!

3. Get rid of all our furniture and stuff in this apartment, except for a few items of art and sentimental items - put those in storage.  

4. Book a three month around the world cruise on the QEII or whichever ship it is that does those world cruises that are about 100K per person.  Sign over car to Rachel before leaving on cruise, and  leave her a bag of money so she can pay off her bills.  Ask her if she would like to come along on the cruise first, of course. :)

5. Upon returning from the cruise of the world, buy a house or condo in SF as main residence. It must be large enough to have a couple of extra guest rooms and an art studio space. A view of the bay of course, lots of light, quiet area with lots of trees around. One block from where I am now would work. :)

Also buy a house on the same block for the old friends who want to retire to SF - a retirement home for old hippies as it were.  We always talk about starting one just for our group of friends who used to live together back in the olden days.

6. Go to SMA and buy a casita for the winter months.

7. Go to Mendocino and buy a cottage for the spring, or and any other times we just feel like being there.

8. Go to Ashland and buy a cottage for the autumn months.

9. Buy a house or condo for Rachel. Give her money to go to art school or whatever she would like to do - start a business, travel, both, whatever. 

10. Send brother in law to a good recovery sort of place for about a year, to get his health in order, then get him into a nice apartment or condo where he can be at peace for a while and decide how he wants to spend the rest of his life.

11. Get in laws into a beautiful assisted living place, preferably in Ashland - they would love it and we could see them a lot more because we would be up there a lot.

12. Give more money to causes I think are worthy and well-managed.

13. Enjoy the rest of my life. :)

 EDIT - I would actually move #10 up to #2 and then proceed.


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