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mendocino headlands, sometime in the 1970s - or maybe 1981?

 wish i would have dated the back of all these old photos
of which i have boxloads.

same point and shoot minolta pocket camera, i think...
or else it may have been an instamatic -
remember those?

the village is back there, but hidden in the fog.

the edge

Jan. 17th, 2007 10:31 am
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danger, originally uploaded by judywatt.

joe walking towards the edge.

no one actually keeps away from the edge there.

the edge is what it's all about.

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path, originally uploaded by judywatt.

another spot where it pays to be surefooted.

mendocino coast botanical garden,
on the edge of the continent.

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mendocino, originally uploaded by judywatt.

i've always called this bench 'the love bench' but i think it really has another name, like it's named after someone, and it might not even be the original bench that used to be there years ago, yet it always looks about the same.

it seems like the old bench disappeared and then reappeared at some point, but now i can't recall.

if you are unsteady on your feet, you could easily fall down the cliff while getting up from this bench.

life is uncertain. eat dessert first.


Jan. 16th, 2007 10:56 am
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mendocino, originally uploaded by judywatt.

i didn't take very many pictures this time. my achilles tendon was bothering me a lot when we would hike around, and it was just more of a struggle, but i'm glad we went up there for one night anyway. i think we'll go back in late april for a few days perhaps. and then later in the summer too. maybe i will have a new camera by that time. but for such a small p&s, this one takes landscapes pretty well i think.

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Fort Bragg, CA
fort bragg in the winter

so we can't get away until sunday morning
but that's fine, better than not at all
and then we'll come back monday night -
at least he does NOT have to work on monday
which is MLK day.

and one of the best parts is that when i am up there
i am away from this computer
and i don't miss it.

all i do for the most part
is walk and walk and walk
and take pictures
and look at art in the galleries
and then walk on the beach some more.

and i will make joe swear
that he will not think or talk about his job
at all for two whole days.

it will still be there on tuesday
and he can think about it then.


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