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Jon of SMA posted a nice walking series of SMA pics in his blog.

That's what I did the whole time I was there -
walked all over town every day taking pictures.

A few of them are here.

And here too.

Links are mainly for people who are relatively new to my LJ
and wonder why I talk about SMA sometimes.

I do that a lot in SF too of course -
walk around taking pics -
but it would be great to be there as well
half the time.

In the meantime, today was the B2B race
which I've never gotten involved in
not in all  my many years here.

Maybe next year, I always say
but I never really mean it.

I don't like to be in the middle of huge crowds like that
for some reason.

Not since the 70's have gone to public events
that were that huge.

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One of Jon of SMA's pics that I really like.

I know exactly where this is too. :)

Anyway I am less cranky today.

Time to go outside.

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I found another cute apartment in SMA - a studio with sunroom and private roof deck,
near the artisan market and not too far from the jardin.

And it's only 580 a month - a studio with extra rooms like this
and a view and all that, maid service, cable, utilities included,
would be more like 1500 a month in SF, maybe more.

So I still don't get it when people I know say SMA is "too expensive" -
well, usually it's people who have never been there who tell me they think that -
but it just makes me think they must be extremely cheap or something.

I mean please, 580 a month is too expensive? 
It's less than 20 a day,
for something better than a hotel room.

But then I am biased in favor of going back there for more months...
like six would be nice. 

You can stay in Mexico for six months
with just your tourist card, no visa needed. 

And if you cross the border after six months
even just for five minutes
you can come back in with a new tourist card for another six months
and you can do that for the rest of your life if you want to.

Anyway it's cold and rainy and I am just daydreaming again.

In real life, I went to the dentist this morning
and got  my teeth cleaned and my gums checked
and all is well inside my mouth.

I love my dentist. :)

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Last Walk Down Aldama, originally uploaded by judywatt.

just daydremaing about going back to sma again, and for longer than a month next time.

i came across this little condo and i know exactly where "the sanctuary" complex is.

great location, right by the artisan market and a very short walk to the jardin.

and it's so cheap too - 750 a month.

an apartment like that would be more like 1500 a month in SF at least.


oh well, back to housework.


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