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I have never seen anyone go into or come out of this house. The fence is all rusty and the house looks so spooky to me.

It's right next to the Three Bees Nursery though, about two blocks from where I live, and I love to visit the nursery even though I have no yard and not enough light to even have more than one houseplant.

We used to live in a flat with too much sun, and now we have almost none. I really don't mind though - this is the most peaceful apartment we've ever lived in, in all my 37 years in SF.

No crazy ass obnoxious neighbors and the landlord is a nice human being (a rarity in SF).

And I like the neighborhood a lot too of course.

I think we will not be moving until after Joe retires (unless our neighbors move first and we get horrible ones, or unless the landlord sells the building and we get a horrible new landlord).

Anyway, on with the day. It's foggy and cold and I had to turn the heat on for a while when I woke up. I didn't sleep well. But I don't mind the fog and it will probably be sunny later this afternoon anyway.

In the meantime the tea I just drank is not waking me up at all, so I am going to have to hit the hard stuff.


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