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looks like a nice day out there.
i didn't go to sleep till after 2 though
so didn't wake up until almost 10.

i thought joe would be able to get some rest the weekend
but, noooooo, he has to work today
on the budget from hell that will not die -
because... well, i shouldn't really say why.

as soon as that is finally done
he will start with fiscal year end closing crap
which will go on for the next 6 weeks
and which will undoubtedly be more fresh hell.
maybe not so fresh, but hell anyway.

i admire him for not just going postal at work these past few years.
i really do.  i do not have that kind of patience with people.
people in general are not my favorite animals.  oh well.

not meaning to sound so "negative" - LOL.
i'm really just worried about how much longer he can do this
without it making him really ill.

anyway.... what am i doing...
i am going to have something to eat
and then clean some more
and then the safeway guy will come with food.

and maybe joe will come home before the sun goes down
and maybe will not be so wrecked that we can go for a walk
- though my knee is a bit wrecked from yesterday.

onward we go though, slouching towards....
i am not sure what.
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i think the laundry might end up being the death of me.

i was doing fine with it today
until i almost tripped on some bad pavement again
with the monster cart.

saved myself and didn't fall
but bashed my already hurt knee on the cart.


other than that, OK day so far!

i have made progress this week moving the art stuff
into the dining room which is my office -
so now it will be the office and the art studio
once i get it all sorted out.

which means we have no dining room
but we didn't anyway because it's the office.

so now my bedroom is much nicer
with a reading corner and room to do yoga
which i really really need to get back into!

i get so much more done when it's foggy like this
which it might be all weekend.

last weekend we ran around so much and it was so hot
but this weekend i think we will stay in the 'hood
and work on the apartment
and joe needs some rest for sure.

yesterday he worked 11 hours.
which has been about normal for months
but don't get me started on that.


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