Feb. 25th, 2010 09:03 am
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camellia, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Just a pretty camellia from the MCBG for your viewing pleasure today. The camellia trees (bushes?) were blooming like crazy there - also some early rhodies, and there were daffodils all over the place as well. In the village there were lots of callas as always and all the other flowers that the residents have going all year 'round. May is when the wildflowers are out in full force though - I love to go up there in May (and August for everything else in the MCBG).

Anyway back to real life here in The City. I am still resisting getting Joe and Rachel's virus...but was exhausted yesterday after painting for a while, doing a little laundry (which involves lugging it with me and going up and down many stairs back and forth), then walking to the little market three blocks away and carrying a heavy bag back. Had to take a nap after all that.

There is a ton more laundry to be done, but I think I will save it for Saturday and the laundromat. I do want to go paint some more today though - I finished one yesterday and I want to see how it dried, and there is another one I just started that I want to splash some more paint on today.

Plus I have a ton of stuff to scan or photograph, which is a dreaded chore, so I probably won't get to that today, heh.

And then all the usual housework and paperwork that piles up - and people wonder how I keep myself busy without a "real job"?

LOL - I have always found the days go much faster when I am not in an office, doing things I don't enjoy doing, breathing bad air and sitting in a cubicle in bad light, being micro-managed by... well, you know what most managers in the world are like, don't you?

Anyway, so I am semi-fluish but busy as always and happy NOT to be in an corporate office type job anymore (or ever again I hope).

Joe returned to his jobby job yesterday and was an hour late getting home because of course many fires ensued when he was gone for three whole days. So he vented about all that over dinner. Oh for the day when he is no longer working there!

Ok, back to work I go, happy to be managing just myself. :)

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