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Three Clovers, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Happy St. P's Day to all who celebrate it!

The clover pic is from way back in 2003, many many cameras ago, but I still love it. It's of a wall on the path that goes from Fort Mason to Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

As for St. Patrick's Day, we used to go to some of the lovely Irish pubs in my 'hood, but we do not do that on this day anymore. Too many frat boys and yahoos and amateurs as they say.   Much much too crowded and such a rip off in general.

And I am not much of a drinker anyway, and not Irish (I am 100% Dutch - the Dutch invented distilled spirits by the way, though you would think it was the Irish, wouldn't you?). Joe is a little bit Irish, but mostly English and Scot, I think. He doesn't drink much anymore either.

So anyway, drink up, all ye who drink - but take it easy and please don't drink and drive! Or drive and text, or drive and talk on your bloody cell phone either. Do have fun, just take a cab home or walk or take the bus, OK? Thanks :)

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