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marshes , originally uploaded by judywatt.

My last December View - another painterly pic of the marshes taken a few days ago, with Angel Island in the background.

No plans for tonight. I am not crazy about New Year's Eve in public - too many drunks out there, and drunks are only entertaining to other drunks. So I would rather stay in on holidays such as this.

Joe went to get the car gassed up, and then we will go to the grocery store for provisions.

I'm waiting for Tony the UPS man to come first though - I think he is bringing a couple of books today and should be here soon.

Over and out.... and of course I am wishing everyone a great year ahead - time might be an illusion but I hope peace and prosperity will soon be a reality for those who have been struggling the most the past eight years - here in the US and around the world, where in many places people have it a lot worse than we do.


the tides

Dec. 30th, 2008 12:12 pm
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san francisco bay, originally uploaded by judywatt.

This December View is where the tide comes into and goes out of the marshes at Crissy Field in The Presidio. Taken a few days ago.

Today, I had jury duty and had to go down there in person and sit in the big room with dozens of other people for three hours until they let us all go.

It was 80 degrees in the room and very crowded. Ugh. But at least it was civil court and much easier to get to than criminal court, and it's a new building so the room is nicer as well.

Plus I got to leave after three hours and did not have to go through any questioning by lawyers. When that happens, they always pass on me - I think because I spent too much time in my life reading law books.

Anyway, now I am back home and have a headache. It's such a perfect day out there though, I will go back out in a while for a walk in the 'hood at least.

Hope so anyway.

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looking east, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Another snap from our walk yesterday, looking east across the marshes towards downtown. A December View of course.

Only 2.5 days of 2008 left, yay!

I was just saying to someone how I will be so glad when this year is finally over.

I hope 2009 will be a better year for most people.


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ggb and marshes, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A December View - from our walk today around the marshes at Crissy Field.

It was so warm out there today, absolutely balmy, no wind, no coats needed.  Very still water, great light.

There were lots of people out there walking and biking, but as per my special talent, none of them appear in most of the pictures I took today. :)


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city xmas, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Another December View from Christmas Day walkies on the beach.

Today the sun is struggling to come out.

Still no call from the landlord and we have no bathroom sink to use. Will try calling him again but I think he may be out of town.

Oh well.

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ggb, originally uploaded by judywatt.

It's still December. I will be so glad when it's 2009! And January 20 will be like every holiday there is, all in one day.

Anyway we had a lovely Christmas dinner with just ourselves and Rachel in attendance. Lots of yummy food, lots of laughs, no drama.

We watched a silly old fave DVD (Once Upon A Time in Mexico), then some freaky ballroom dancing on Public TV, and then a re-run of CSI we had not seen before that was very funny. Maybe not your traditional Xmas viewing, but hey, it worked for us!

Today it's all sunny out there, yay! We have to do a ton of laundry at the laundromat, but other than that, whatever we feel like doing, including nothing.

Later... well, we should have done nothing, but while I was at the laundromat, Joe tried to fix a problem with our bathroom sink and now it's worse.  Looks like something we can't fix ourselves.  Called the landlord, no answer.  Left message.  He has not called back yet and for all we know, is gone for the weekend.  So in the meantime, no bathroom sink (no, we don't have two or more bathrooms).

Hope we hear from him tomorrow.  Circa 1922 plumbing is so quaint.


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walkies, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Lots of walkers out there today. Some surfers too.

Now we are back and I must cook, but today I am enjoying it. :)

Merry merry.

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mill valley steeple, originally uploaded by judywatt.

It's after midnight so it's Christmas already - I am on my way to beddy bye but thought, hey, why not post another December View right now and wish everyone a Happy Holiday out there!

We'll be staying in and Rachel is coming for dinner and we'll stuff our faces and watch old movies or something.  It will be perfect.  I love staying home on holidays, and I love having Rachel here anytime (she only lives two blocks away so no one has to drive or fly anywhere in bad weather, yay!)

Wishing everyone else the best of company today as well.  It's not about the food, and it's not about the presents - not for me anyway.  It's only about whether you are enjoying the ones you're with (or if you are alone, enjoy your own company!).


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ocean beach, originally uploaded by judywatt.

December 22, 2007. A December View. Ocean Beach, San Francisco, at dusk - looking away from the ocean towards the Beach Chalet and the North Dutch Windmill. On the left is the western end of the Richmond District, reflected in the wet sand.

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the city at dusk , originally uploaded by judywatt.

We did make it out to Crissy Field when Joe was done painting, just in time for the sun to be setting behind us to the west as we were looking east at The City.

It was a bit cold but not windy, and the light was just right. I guess this can be considered another December View. It is December and it is indeed a view.

After walking for a while, we went into the Warming Hut to warm up. It was almost closing time but still packed with people buying things - it's a cafe and book / gift shop that supports the GGNRA. I am glad business still appears to be so good in some places.

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ggb driveby, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Another pic from today - taken out the car window as we approached the bridge.

Pretty good for a drive-by shot.

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mount tam

A December View - taken 12/09/07. Mt Tam as seen from SF.

Today's weather report...

Local Forecast - San Francisco
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
High: 51 °F
Low: 46 °F
High: 50 °F
Low: 45 °F
High: 49 °F
Low: 43 °F
High: 50 °F
Low: 40 °F
High: 48 °F
Low: 40 °F

It is so crystal clear here this morning - but they say it will a rain a little tonight and then more on Sunday. We need rain very much!

No snow in The City, I assume, but maybe some on Mt Tam in Marin, which is about 2000 feet, I think.

Once in a very great long while we will get a smidgen of snow in The City - and I mean like once every 10 to 20 years, and then just a tiny smidgen. We do not have ice storms, period, thank heavens.

Colder than usual this morning, but I love it like this, cold and clear. Rain and/or fog make it warmer here - which is fine too, as The City stays a lot warmer all winter than the outlying areas do.  Meaning much smaller heating bills (and cooler in the summer means no AC bills).

Anyway, I have a clock with a thermometer next to bed, and when I woke up it was 59 degrees in the bedroom - woohoo, I love that! I had left the window a crack open, not as open as usual. I wonder how cold it would have gotten if I'd left it open 3 or 4 inches?

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mendo hotel garden, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A December View. Mendocino Hotel garden suites area.

Our room this time was in the building on the left.


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A December View -
taken 12/2/08 just before we had to get in the car
and drive back to SF from Mendocino last week.

Today is sunny and clear and gorgeous. 

I think colder weather and rain is coming soon though.

Which is fine too.

I like the way the seasons are here.

We do have seasons -
they just work differently than the way people
in a lot of the rest of the US think about seasons.

And I love love love the way they work here. :)


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ocean beach, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A December View - taken on 12/22/07.

Today is crystal clear and warmer than yesterday - I think it will get above 60 today. I will try to gather my energy and go for a long (or short) walk, maybe take some pictures in the 'hood at least.  Still feeling like I have a cold (not the flu, just garden variety cold).

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ggb kids, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A December View - taken last year on Christmas Eve. It can be very balmy here in the winter. Today they say it's going to be 64 in The City. We shall see. :)

Later... it is a gorgeous day out there, just that blue and clear.  Not 64, more like 58, but I didn't wear a jacket or sweater and I was fine walking to the PO and back.

I am so tired though!  It took ALL my energy just to walk about 8 blocks total.  I feel like I am coming down with a cold (sore throaty and all that) but am trying to fight it off.   Anyway I managed to carry a box there to mail to Joe's brother, and am glad I got that over with.  There was a line of course, but at least it wasn't out the door.


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crissy field path, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Taken yesterday during our walk. A December View.

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mendocino rooftops, originally uploaded by judywatt.

A December View. The sun was on one side of town and there was some fog on the other side. I love it when that happens.

ocean beach

Dec. 5th, 2008 10:01 am
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ocean beach, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Taken in December 2007 - sunset at Ocean Beach. North Dutch Windmill and Beach Chalet.

A December View.

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anderson valley , originally uploaded by judywatt.

We stopped at Handley Cellars in Anderson Valley (Highway 128) on the way home from Mendocino, as we often do.  This is a December View.


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