Jan. 30th, 2010

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the beach in january, originally uploaded by judywatt.

We had such pretty clouds today, and it seemed so warm out there on the beach.

That's what we did today - go for a walk along the bay and then go to Trader Joe's for food. For dinner I made roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans with pine nuts.

And that is all.

Tomorrow we're supposed to do something with Rachel, but I am not sure what just yet.

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golden gate, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Another snap from our walk today - a cruise ship just happened to be arriving. It made we want to go on a cruise, but only one that leaves from SF, that you don't have to fly anywhere to get to the boat.

There are only a couple of cruises that actually leave from here and come back here directly, because of some ancient law about where ships have to stop within the US vs. outside the US on cruises.

So most leave from LA or San  Diego or Seattle, near the borders. It's a stupid old law that they keep talking about doing away with, but so far, apparently it's still in effect.

But there is one cruise to Alaska that leaves from SF and comes back to SF - it takes 11 days to make the round trip. That would be fine with me.


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