Jan. 2nd, 2010

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fence, originally uploaded by judywatt.

An abstract for you today, taken yesterday I think, on one of our walks in El Presidio de San Francisco (aka our back yard).

Overcast again today but not cold. We both slept in. I think today all we have on our busy busy agenda is to do the laundry.

I was just saying to someone who keeps about ten calendars and planners and to-do lists, that I prefer not to be that busy.

It seems like a lot of people enjoy appearing to be very busy, with long to-do lists every day, rushing here and there doing very important things, driving all over the place all the time, burning more fossil fuel than I can even imagine ... but I am just happy not to be doing that.

(big digression deleted)

Anyway, I ramble... I should get dressed and start getting the laundry together. Oh, let me write that down on my planner first! ;-)

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crissy field path, originally uploaded by judywatt.

One from a few days ago - this one got a lot of views on Flickr right away for some reason. The lady walking towards us was all bundled up but it really wasn't cold out there.

Why is it that older people often are all bundled up when it's not cold? I see old people on the street like that all the time here - we can be having a heat wave and they have coats on. It's like they must have no blood circulating or something.

I hope I don't become like that when I am, say, 70 or 80.

But anyway I like this picture of the bundled up lady - maybe she was just a tourist from LA and to her it did seem cold out there!


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