Feb. 2nd, 2010

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fort bragg beach, originally uploaded by judywatt.

One from 2007, Joe on the beach across from the place we usually stay when we are up the coast.

Since we didn't get to go at New Year's because the weather was so bad, I think we will go over Presidents' Day weekend, if the weather will just please cooperate.

It doesn't have to be sunny - in fact I like the clouds and fog - just hoping it is not pouring rain because that makes it hard to spend much time walking on the beaches and going to the botanical garden and so on.

Back to the present - we had a nice weekend. I forget what we did on Saturday - walked on the beach, went shopping, yada yada. Sunday we spent the afternoon with Rachel - lunch in Mill Valley, then took her to the mall in Corte Madera at her request (the only mall we can stand going to).

Monday, painted some and did chores. Today, same - painting, chores, errands (on foot of course).

Made some yummy polenta for dinner with sauteed vegetables on the side, and now we are about to watch LOST.

All is well. :)


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