Mar. 2nd, 2010

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An oldie, from November 2004, the month we spent in San Miguel de Allende.

No special reason for posting it now, other than I've always wanted to go back and I keep thinking February would be a great month to spend there, and now another February has come and gone.

Oh well, maybe next February.

Back to the present, today I spent way too much time trying to balance our checkbook AGAIN, which is almost impossible to do because our landlord only cashes the rent checks every four to six months.

There is one I can't account for, but it has to be more than a year old, that he apparently lost or never cashed, but hasn't said anything about it. I feel like I should just remove that extra money from the account, since it's been sitting there for YEARS when it could be in savings... but no, the minute I do that, I know he will cash the long lost check and it will bounce.

I have not bounced a check in about a zillion years and I am very careful about such things, keeping a paper register so I know how much money is REALLY in the account. Paying massive overdraft fees which can easily be avoided is just stupid, in my opinion. But anyway, I would rather be able to move that mysterious uncashed check money into savings (but I won't).

Other than spent too much time on that mess, what did I do... went to the studio at R's and painted for a while. Came home, made dinner for Joe and myself. Later, it will be time for some LOST. :)

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So the local news is full of stories about how Yahoo just turned 15.

I remember being online before that - before there was a web, there was just a net and it moved very slooooowwwwly.  

There was no DSL, there was only dial up - remember what modems sounded like if you didn't know how to turn the sound of them OFF so that your loved ones would not hear you dialing up 1000 times a day to get your emails and forum messages?   That was one of the first things I learned when I got a modem - how to make it dial up SILENTLY.

Remember how different the demographics were of who was online and who didn't even know what "online" meant?  Like, before there was AOL and then it all went to hell?  

LOL... anyway seeing Yahoo on the news all happy to be turning 15 made me remember what the internet was like before AOL and Yahoo existed.  

In some ways better, in some ways not.

 Life is like that as things keep moving right along. :)


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