Jan. 24th, 2010

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crissy field marshes, originally uploaded by judywatt.

From our walk around the marshes yesterday - one of the best I took yesterday with the new camera. I love a good reflection on water.

It was so nice out there yesterday - not at all cold, and it didn't rain in the afternoon!

In the morning we went to see the Amish Quilts at the DeYoung - very inspiring colors and designs.

After that we had the long walk, and then I cooked some white bean stew for us and Rachel, took some over there, did a little painting, yada yada.

Today chores and errands mostly, but did paint a little, then made polenta and sauteed spinach - yum.

Now we are just cocooning. Looks like more rain is on the way. Glad we will have enough water for the rest of the year!


Jan. 24th, 2010 08:49 pm
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alcatraz, originally uploaded by judywatt.

Another one from our walk yesterday by the bay - the water really was that color.

As I was uploading pics today it made me think about the fact that although I have lived in The City for 40 years now, I have never been to Alcatraz.

I love ferry rides, but have never been on that one and neither has Joe! I guess we should finally go see the ruins out there this year - maybe on a weekday in the winter when there are not so many touristas.


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